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AGV Battery 48V

48V 80Ah Deep Sea Robot Battery

48V 80Ah Deep Sea Robot Battery

Deep sea robot battery 48V 80Ah
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Battery type: lithium iron phosphate LA26650C/3.2V/3.0Ah

Battery specifications: lithium iron phosphate-15S26P/48V/78Ah

Nominal voltage: 48V

Nominal capacity: 80Ah

Charging voltage: 54V

Charging current: ≤39A fast charge 0.5C2.5h full

Discharge current: 25A

Instantaneous discharge current: 160A (-20 ~ +55 ° C)

Discharge cut-off voltage: 37.5V

Finished product internal resistance: ≤200mΩ

Battery weight: 40kg

Product size: 550*450*180mm (Max) without mounting hole size

Charging temperature: 0 ~ +45 ° C

Discharge temperature: -20 ~ +55 ° C

Storage temperature: -20 ~ +60 ° C

Temperature protection: 65 °C ± 5 °C

Battery case: cold rolled plate + powder coated shell grade

Lithium battery protection: short circuit protection, over charge protection, over discharge protection, over current protection, temperature protection, etc.

Application areas: wide range of applications, industrial machinery and equipment, UPS power supply, etc.


High current output: copper-nickel composite nickel strip is connected to the battery core to meet the needs of large current charge and discharge, safe and reliable.

Output aviation plug: use aviation linker, safe and reliable, to meet large current discharge;

Data communication management: BMS software management chip, accurate data transmission, precise temperature control, to minimize safety hazards.

The battery pack is safe, with a temperature probe, and the temperature exceeds the automatic start protection;

The battery pack has a high cycle life and meets the concept of low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection;

Charging: The plug uses an aviation plug and supports 0.5C fast charging.

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