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E-bike Scooter Battery 60V

E Tourist Vehicle Golf Cart Battery 60V 40AH

E Tourist Vehicle Golf Cart Battery 60V 40AH

Custom E tourist vehicle /golf cart battery 60V 40Ah Spec Advantage Longer Life Our battery is with 3000 - 5000 cycles. On average, good quality lead acid batteries last between 100 - 300 cycles in a golf cart. After 150 cycles the lead acid batteries can produce less than half of their rated...
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Custom E tourist vehicle /golf cart battery 60V 40Ah  





Nominal Voltage


Nominal Capacity


Cell Inside

Panasonic18650 PF 3.7V 2900mAh



Standard Charge Current


Max. Charge Current

20A (0.5C)

Battery management System (BMS)


Continuous Discharge Current


Peak Discharge Current


Full Charged Voltage

71.4V(4.2V per cell)

Discharge Cut-off Voltage

51V  (3.0V per cell)

Net Weight



Can be customized


Anderson connector or any other customer required.

Operating Temperature

Charging:  0°C ~ 45°C

Discharging: -20°C ~ 55°C

Storage Temperature

0°C ~ 45°C

Cycle Life

500 times (80% of initial capacity at 0.2C rate, IEC   Standard)



Longer Life

Our battery is with 3000 - 5000 cycles. On average, good quality lead acid batteries last between 100 - 300 cycles in a golf cart. After 150 cycles the lead acid batteries can produce less than half of their rated capacity meaning you get less than half of the range you got when they were new. In the long run, you would need to replace lead acid up to 10 times to get the same cycle life as 1 set of our battery

Lighter Weight/Higher Energy Density

Our battery weigh is about 70% lighter than lead batteries. A typically 48V golf cart will have around 500-600 lbs. of lead acid batteries. Switching to lithium will remove over 300 lbs. out of the cart. This will reduce the amount of energy required to get your cart up to speed and will help reduce wear and tear on your carts controller, motor, suspension, frame and tires. 

Higher Voltage

Our battery hold a higher voltage during use than lead batteries. This equals more torque for your motor and allows the controller and electronics to run at their optimal efficiency. When you step on the pedal with lead batteries, the voltage can drop below 10V causing the controller to run inefficiently and providing less power to the motor which reduces torque. The higher voltage of our golf cart batteries will allow your cart to get up to speed quicker, and hold the speed higher, throughout the entire charge cycle and while going up hills. 


We are strong in R&D and manufacturing of smart battery systems, widely used in fields such as

E-mobility (e-bike, e-scooter, e-skateboard, e-motorcycle, e-tricycle/rickshaw, e-wheelchair, e-golf cart, e-forklift, e-tourist vehicle, RV/caravan, marine, etc.),

Energy Storage Systems (solar/wind system, telecom/base station, uninterruptible power supply/UPS/backup system) and engine starter batteries.

LINKAGE batteries can readily replace the outdated, bulky and pollutant Lead-Acid / AGM/ GEL/SLA batteries with the latest smart lithium battery technology.





Why choose our LiFePO4 Battery to power your electric vehicle?
Our LiFePO4 Battery has been designed to power the small cars, city buses, company commuter car, logistics cars, trucks with more than 14 years experience on LiFePO4 Battery R&D and marking.
We built the Innovation Union(The Union) , to work with man famous electric vehicle manufacturer and launched a new type of pure electric buses mode of "Financing and Leasing, Mutual Benefit, Mobile Charging, Integrated Charging and Maintenance". The core components are consist of motor, electrical controller, DC/DC, air conditioner, connector, intelligent instrument, charger. 
We are supplying the reliable LiFePO4 Battery Solution with related vehicle components, to supply best after-sale service with competitive price.


LiFePO4 Battery Features
LiFePO4 Battery power solution from us is designed specifically according to customers' requirements for safety, powerful and low cost.


1.Cells designed with gas pipe, safety vent, Break and Anti-explosion Protection. Also we produce the cells and do the cells matching according to8-Conformity
2.Battery packs designed and produced with structure firmly, antiknock, electrical conductivity, heat dispersion with patented PCB
3.Smart BMS with collection module, balancing module, insulation module and CAN communication


Shipping and Service
1.Shipment in short time by air or by sea quality with competitive price
3.30 months of pro-rated warranty and all battery life after-sale service
4.Any technical support and training to your employees.

Introducing advanced equipment, Linkage has been well-known as one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of mia electric car vehicle power lifepo4 battery solution 76.8v105ah. Our batteries are of high safety, high capacity, strong stability and long cycle life. With bulk batteries in stock, we warmly welcome you to buy or wholesale good price battery made in China from us.

24V/36V/48V/72V 6.6Ah 7.8Ah 8.7Ah 8.8Ah 10.4Ah 10.5Ah 11Ah 11.6Ah 13Ah ,14Ah ,14.5Ah 17.5Ah can be customized as your request.

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