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Marine Battery

Best Marine Battery Battery 12V 40AH

Best Marine Battery Battery 12V 40AH

E-boat /marine Lithium Ion Battery 12V 40Ah Product Description Specification We are one of the leading professional idc uninterruptible power supply(ups) lithium battery pack manufacturers and suppliers. With consummate craft and advanced equipment, our factory can assure you the high quality...
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E-boat /marine Lithium Ion Battery 12V 40Ah

Product Description


Basic Specification of 12V 40Ah Battery Pack

Nominal Capacity @ 0.2C


Cell connect way


Nominal Voltage


Total Cell Quality


Discharge Cut-off Voltage


Cell Type

32650 5ah 3.2v

Charge Cut-off Voltage




Charge Current


Weight (including case)

4.0 kg

Continuous Discharge Current


Charge Temperature Range


Peak Discharge (max. 10 sec. duration)


Discharge Temperature Range


Cycle Life (1C/1C 100% DOD)

3000 cycles

Charge Method



Charging method

charge with constant current 1C to 42V, then charge   with constant voltage 30V  till charge current is less than 0.01C

Max discharge current 


Discharge cut-off voltage

11.2V,  the over-discharge detection voltage   of  PCM

Operating environment 

Charging, 0°C ~ 65°C ;  65±20%RH  

Discharging, -20°C~80°C ;  65±20%RH

Storage environment


storage for a long time(>3 months) and the storage condition shall be:<35°C;65±20%RH;3.7~3.9V

CycleLife(80%Prime Capacity) :



Period of warranty: 12 months after sales


* With protection board PCM for over charging, over discharging,short circut,over voltage.

*Using the charger designated by the manufacture
*Don't throw the battery in fire or heat it.
*Don't short-circuit.
*Don't unpack the battery or change its structure.

Pack design

* Battery pack should have sufficient strength and battery should be protected from mechanical shock

* No cell movement in the battery pack should be allowed.
* No Sharp edge components should be inside the pack containing the battery.


Charging current and charging voltage should be less than specified in the Product Specification.

The charger shall be designed to comply with Product Specification.
It is dangerous that charging with higher curren or voltage than Product Specification may cause damage to the cell   electrical,mechanical safety performance.


We are one of the leading professional idc uninterruptible power supply(ups) lithium battery pack manufacturers and suppliers. With consummate craft and advanced equipment, our factory can assure you the high quality but cheap price of our idc uninterruptible power supply(ups) lithium battery pack. Our batteries are of large capacitance, long lifespan, and optimum design. Please feel free to buy.

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Product Details



Liquid Cooling System Module

Liquid temperature equilibrium system module by using a flow to keep the batteries within the working temperature in ±2℃, in order to protect batteries work under the same temperature environment, extend the service life of batteries, improve security module.

Air Cooling System Module

Air cooling system module adopts the wind flow decrease the temperature of module batteries work, improve the battery safety, apply to the logistics vehicles, sightseeing car application environment, etc.


Product Feature




BMS Feature

ASIC chip, high precision acquisition, automotive grade material, Lightning Surge Immunity Test, redundancy design, high temperature aging, electron- static discharge, EMC, current balancing technology, maintenance-free battery system, The water detection, smoke detection, collision warning system actively.


Temp. Balance & Bonding

Aluminum wire bonding process with bus-bar design, triaxial vibration design, waterproof and dustproof design, structure lightweight design technology, which solved the core issue of power battery, improving the safety, reliability and stability. At the same time, the problem of BATTERY heating, heat dissipation was managed by temperature equalization technology ,which improve the battery performance and life span. PLB continue to optimize the battery pack design, so as to ensure the safety of product.



Electric Passenger Bus                        Electric Logistics Truck                                      Electric Special Vehicle


Higher Capacity

Our lithium golf cart batteries are designed to allow you to safely use 100% of the rated capacity without lowering the life expectancy. Lead acid batteries are only recommended to be drained 50%. Imagine filling up your gas tank with 100 gallons of gas and the car only being able to use 50 gallons before needing to refuel.

Life Time Warranty

We provides a Limited Life time warranty to protect your investment in our products. With a life expectancy of up to 5000 cycles, you may never have to replace the batteries in your cart again. Even if you used the cart every day draining the batteries 100%, you could expect more than 10 years out of the batteries - 365 days per year X 10 years is 3,650 cycles. 


Life at least 2000 cycles

Our batteries will maintain over 80% of their rated capacity after 2000 cycles at 100% depth of discharge. This means if you have a 100AH lithium battery, after 2000 cycles it will equal an 80AH battery. Simply put, if you went 100 miles when the lithium batteries were new, you would still be able to go 80 miles after 2000 cycles. 

No Memory effect

Our lithium batteries have no memory and can be recharged at anytime no matter if you went 500 ft. or 50 miles. To get the best life out of your lead batteries, it is suggested you use the recommended depth of discharge every time before recharging.



With professional mechanical design, with special bracket inside there is not any moving at all.

to lay the battery block, and the each little space of the cells will be easy for the air mesh,


We custom 12V 100Ah,200Ah,300ah,400ah,500ah,600ah……battery for all kind of applications.

♣ Key Features 

◆   It is small size with light weight;

◆   It without heavy metals and environment friendly;

◆  There is no memory effect;

◆   More than 3000 times cycle life;

◆   Maintenance free;

◆  It can afford high-rate discharge of 1C;

◆   Internal BMS with full protection 

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