Soft pack battery attack how to attack the city
Jan 17, 2019

Compared with square and cylindrical batteries, soft pack batteries have the characteristics of flexible design, light weight, small internal resistance, low explosion resistance, high number of cycles, high energy density, etc., which can improve the energy density of power batteries in the state of the art. The cruising range further narrows the gap between fuel vehicles and fuel vehicles.

Since the promotion of new energy vehicles in China, the turmoil of any policy will bring about a change in the direction of the development of the entire industrial chain, especially in the field of power batteries.

Under the pressure of subsidies, the OEM has put forward higher standards for energy density, light weight and safety of power batteries in order to improve the mileage of the whole vehicle. The ternary soft pack battery has been favored in the middle and high-end new energy passenger vehicles due to its energy density and safety advantages, which directly led to the substantial increase in the installed capacity of soft pack batteries in 2018, and the market share has been rising.

Soft pack battery market share is steadily increasing

According to statistics, from January to October 2018, the installed capacity of Sanyuan Soft Pack in the field of new energy passenger vehicles was 3.06GWh, an increase of 93.71%. "Since May of this year, the installed capacity of Thornton's battery packs has steadily increased. Especially in October, the chain has nearly doubled, and the market share in the ternary soft pack has reached 12.8%." Thornton New Energy Technology Director 娄Zhongliang said that Thornton New Energy entered the top 10 of the first 11 months of soft pack battery installed in the sixth ranking.

In fact, it is not an accident that Thornton's new energy, which focuses on soft-pack batteries, can be used in the top ten. From the TOP20 installed capacity in the first ten months of this year, the market share of soft pack batteries has shown a rapid upward trend, even exceeding the cylindrical battery, and its late prospects are optimistic for the entire industry.

Passenger car "reverse" soft pack battery market rises

Due to the rise of the domestic new energy passenger vehicle market, the domestic soft pack battery market has been greatly stimulated. From the data of power battery installation in October, the installed capacity of square batteries in October was about 4.47GWh, accounting for 75%; the installed capacity of soft-packed batteries was about 0.82GWh, accounting for 14%; the installed capacity of cylindrical batteries was about 0.65GWh, accounting for about 0.65GWh. Than 11%.

In terms of market share, square batteries have occupied the “top spot” in the passenger car field. The soft pack battery has achieved rapid growth due to its high energy density and safety. The market share of cylindrical batteries has shown a downward trend.

"Behind the rapid rise in the market for soft pack batteries, the subsidy policy adjustment in 2018 will directly link the subsidy amount to the energy density of the battery system." Qi Zhongliang said that a large number of OEMs began to use their new energy passenger car models from cylindrical batteries. “Tango” to square batteries and soft pack batteries, which directly increased the market share of square batteries and soft pack batteries, driving the growth of soft pack and square battery manufacturers.

Soft pack battery speed application in passenger car field

“At present, soft pack batteries have been recognized by more and more OEMs in the field of new energy passenger vehicles, and there are more development opportunities in the field of new energy passenger vehicles in the future.” Dr. Zhong Zhongliang also said that the future The penetration rate of soft pack batteries in the field of new energy passenger vehicles will continue to accelerate, and the proportion of production capacity will also increase rapidly. Battery companies with competitive strength in product quality, technology, scale and capital will gain more development opportunities. .

At present, square battery companies including Yiwei Lithium Energy, Guoxuan Hi-Tech, Thornton New Energy, CATL, and Kayin New Energy have developed or mass-produced soft-pack batteries, and many companies have begun to give Nissan, Daimler, etc. The international car companies supply in bulk, which shows that the soft bag technology route has also been recognized by more and more car companies.

Specifically, the specific reasons for the soft pack battery to be recognized by the OEM are as follows:

First of all, in order to obtain higher subsidies, the OEMs are improving the battery energy density and reducing the weight of the whole vehicle to improve the cruising range of the vehicle. The soft pack battery has gradually become the choice of the OEM;

Secondly, the performance advantages of the soft pack battery are very obvious, especially in the energy density has made great progress. Compared with square and cylindrical batteries, it has the characteristics of flexible design, light weight, small internal resistance, low explosion resistance, high number of cycles, high energy density, etc., which can improve the energy density of the power battery in the current state of the art. Further narrow the gap with fuel vehicles.

For example, the current large-capacity soft-packed battery cells of most large batteries have reached 240 wh/kg-260 wh/kg, and are moving toward the targets of 280 wh/kg and 300 wh/kg. "Tsang New Energy's current mass production products reach 260Wh / kg, and achieved 280Wh / kg in 2019, 300Wh / kg in 2020." Yan Zhongliang revealed that the future of Thornton New Energy will continue to force in the soft pack battery field.

Thornton new energy soft pack battery sales growth

In addition, the industry consensus is that the power battery giant is involved in the soft pack battery route is the mainstream of the market, the soft pack battery market space is imaginable. Moreover, the soft pack battery has taken advantage of the energy density. In addition to the previous manufacturers specializing in soft pack battery packs, representative battery companies such as CATL have also been involved, including the emerging battery factory Huading Guolian is also involved in soft. Pack the battery.

It is worth noting that in addition to the “high-sounding songs” in the market, soft-package battery companies have also been well-received in the capital market. The injection of funds has enhanced the company’s comprehensive competitiveness and demonstrated its The development prospects of soft pack battery companies. A "big show" around the investment expansion of ternary soft pack batteries is being staged.

On October 26, Fu Neng Technology, which adhered to the ternary soft pack route, held a groundbreaking ceremony for the new plant in Zhenjiang. The new plant has a total investment of 15 billion yuan and a production capacity of 20 Gwh. Before that, Fu Neng Technology completed the C round of financing, and the accumulated financing exceeded US$1 billion and officially launched the construction of a European production center project;

On October 23, the international soft pack ternary giant LG Chem invested 2 billion US dollars in the Nanjing plant officially started construction. It is expected that the first phase of the project will be mass-produced by the end of 2019, and the full-scale production will be achieved by 2023. By then, the new plant's battery capacity will reach 32GWh, the annual output value will reach 35 billion yuan, and the tax revenue will be about 2 billion yuan;

On September 14, Fosun International officially signed a strategic investment agreement with Jiewei Power to supplement its ammunition with its capacity expansion and expansion of overseas markets. In August this year, Vision Group announced that it will control Nissan's electric battery business and production base. AESC also acquired the entire share capital of NEC Energy, a battery electrode manufacturing company owned by NEC.

LG Chemical Nanjing Factory

Obviously, with the rapid expansion of production capacity and the frequent influx of funds, it indicates that soft pack batteries will further expand the penetration rate of power market in 2019, but only have absolute strength in terms of product quality, technical level, cost performance and corporate funds. The power battery companies can stand out in this "struggle."

How to overcome the obvious defects of soft pack battery?

"Soft packets should be the most advanced technology route, but the difficulty is also the biggest." Du Wenlong, deputy general manager of the supply and marketing center of Huading Guolian Battery Materials Co., Ltd. said that the advantages and disadvantages of the soft pack battery are obvious.

It is understood that the key materials used in soft-pack lithium batteries include cathode materials, anode materials and separators. Although the difference between traditional steel shells, aluminum shells and cylindrical lithium batteries is small, the biggest difference is the use of all-inclusive batteries. The flexible packaging material (aluminum-plastic composite film) is the most critical and technically difficult material in soft-pack lithium batteries.

According to industry insiders, "soft pack battery packaging materials and structure make it have a series of advantages. First, the safety performance is good. The soft pack battery is packaged in aluminum plastic film. When a safety problem occurs, the soft pack battery will generally crack. Open, unlike explosions like steel or aluminum shells;

Second, the weight is light, the weight of the soft pack battery is 40% lighter than the equivalent capacity of the steel shell lithium battery, and 20% lighter than the aluminum shell lithium battery, which helps the lightweight realization of the new energy vehicle.

Third, the internal resistance is small, the internal resistance of the soft pack battery is smaller than that of the lithium battery, which can greatly reduce the self-consumption of the battery; Fourth, the cycle performance is good, the cycle life of the soft pack battery is longer, and the 100-cycle attenuation ratio is higher than that of the aluminum shell. 5% to 7% less; 5 is flexible in design, variable in shape and shape, can be thinner, can be customized according to customer needs, develop new battery models. ”

“The soft pack power battery adopts the superimposed manufacturing method, so the volume is slimmer and the energy density is the highest, which is more suitable for the passenger car.” Yan Zhongliang said frankly, in addition to the energy density, the OEM needs to consider the whole The layout and weight of the car, the soft pack power battery is very advantageous in these several items.

Aluminum-plastic composite film for soft pack battery

Even some insiders believe that the proportion of soft-package batteries in the future is getting higher and higher, and it is expected that the market share of soft-package batteries will exceed 50% in the future. Of course, there is no gold in the red, no one is perfect. The soft pack battery is also facing its own "trouble" and shortcomings while being popular and affirmed by the public.

Although the advantages of the soft pack battery are numerous, there are also obvious drawbacks. Li Fanqun, director of battery development at Wanxiang 123 Co., Ltd., mentioned in the speech at the 5th Power Battery Conference that there are mainly problems in the current soft pack power battery: the first is the poor consistency, which is the comprehensive performance of the battery pack; The lack of standard, the size of the soft pack battery is inconsistent, which has hindered the scale; the third is the higher cost, due to the limitations of materials and packaging methods, the soft pack battery will have more materials, which will increase the cost. .

In view of the defects of the above soft-packed power battery, Li Fanqun also put forward his own opinions and opinions: First, the product development process should fully respect the regulations, pay attention to safety, and ensure the sustainable development of the industry; secondly, the model and size of the soft-pack battery are expected to be reconstructed. Therefore, the production line of the soft pack battery must ensure a certain flexibility;

In addition, battery life is the root of the enterprise and requires the attention of battery companies and vehicle manufacturers. At present, the large-scale manufacturing technology of soft-package batteries is not mature enough, and technological innovation is needed. The deep cooperation of the industry chain, even if the industry develops, The embodiment of corporate competitiveness.

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