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South Korea Has Introduced Hydrogen Fuel Cells!
Jan 17, 2019

In recent years, with the strengthening of comprehensive national strength, the purchasing power of ordinary people has risen sharply. With a vast territory and a large population, China has grown into the world's largest automotive consumer market. Local tyrants pay special attention to Chinese-made cars and set up factories in China. Open a store. After years of development, China has also become a major country in the automotive industry. The appearance of cars produced by domestic automobile companies is getting more and more beautiful, and the quality is getting higher and higher, which is more and more recognized by the owners. The market share of domestic brands is also growing. Many domestic manufacturers produce cars and even export them abroad. , favored by foreign buyers. As for the new energy vehicle sector, domestic auto companies let other cars lose like white horses.

The current new energy vehicle market is almost entirely the world of domestic brands. From a technical point of view, most are pure lithium batteries or hybrid lithium batteries. Other technology development costs are too high or the technology is not yet mature. Hydrogen fuel has been raised for many years, but no substantial progress has been made, and market-oriented mass production seems to be far away. But it is undeniable that hydrogen fuel is indeed a very environmentally friendly choice. After burning, it only produces water, which is almost zero pollution.

Korean cars have long been known for their high cost performance in the Chinese market. Prices are relatively close to the people, but they are also limited to the fuel vehicle industry. There is basically no product in the new energy sector. In Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, and even the British old Jaguar have released their own pure electric SUV, the Korean car seems to be somewhat unpredictable, and its market share has been declining.

However, Korean auto companies seem to be very determined, they have a good idea, we are actually very strong, especially in the field of hydrogen fuel cells, we are still the world leader. Can not just say no practice, so Hyundai released the hydrogen fuel cell power SUV - NEXO. The price of this modern new energy SUV in Germany is as high as 69,000 euros, even higher than the price of the German Audi Q7. The Audi Q7 is in the eyes of the Chinese, but it is a large SUV that the local tyrant can withstand. Why is it expensive to sell a Korean car?

The most special thing about NEXO is that it uses a hydrogen fuel cell system. The working principle of the system is as follows: hydrogen in the hydrogen storage tank and oxygen in the air, some strange things happen in the fuel cell, the strange reaction energy is converted into electric energy, the motor is driven to work, and finally only water or water vapor is produced, and there is almost no Any other harmful substances are very environmentally friendly. The electric motor with NEXO is particularly outstanding. The SUV model is not very beautiful. Some domestic hybrids have been broken in 5 seconds, but they are still quite good.

Electric vehicles emphasize the sense of technology, so Hyundai has done a lot of work in designing the appearance and interior of Nexo. The streamlined body has a sense of the future. Internal and central controls also use many advanced technologies, and the technical sense does not cause damage to European and American models. Although the power is not very strong, but the smooth, smooth control makes people feel good, the 609km cruising range will not make many people worry that such a car can not be opened for a long time.

However, a particularly serious problem is that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles rely more on support facilities than many other types of new energy vehicles. Currently, there are only a few hydrogen refueling stations on land in China. If you have any thoughts on such a car, you may have to wait.

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