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Special Military Battery 48V 51AH

Special Military Battery 48V 51AH

Custom special military battery 48V 51Ah Spec. of 48v 20ah lithium battery pack: 1. Type: Li-ion battery with PCM 2. Nominal voltage: 48v 3. Typical capacity: 51Ah 4. Dimension: customized 5. Max Charge voltage: 56.4±0.05V 6. Discharger cut-off voltage: 39±0.05V 7. Max charge current: 30A 8. Max...
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Custom special military battery 48V 51Ah 

1.Spec. of 48v 20ah lithium battery pack: 

1. Type: Li-ion battery with PCM

2. Nominal voltage:     48v

3. Typical capacity:    51Ah

4. Dimension: customized

5. Max Charge voltage:     56.4±0.05V

6. Discharger cut-off voltage:    39±0.05V

7. Max charge current:     30A

8. Max continuous discharge current:   1C   

9. Max pulse discharge current:    3C

10. Charging temperature:    0°C~45°C

11. Discharging temperature:    -20°C~60°C

12. Storage temperature:    -20°C~45°C

13. About 500 cycles to 80% with 100% DOD under:   20 °C~25°C


2.Features of 48v 51ah lithium battery pack: 

1.Long cycle life: up to 1000 times

2.Green: Non-Toxic, comfort to RoHS.

3.Safety The safest battery in the world till now, which does not burn with 30V charge and it does not explode when you puncture the battery. CE approved.

4.Light weight and smaller dimension.The dimension is smallest and the weight is lightest when compare with other battery. 1/3 weight of SLA, 65% weight of NIMH.

5. Great capacity and more powerful, rechargeable battery High discharge current, 1C continuous, 3C pulse for normal cells and 20 C for special design We can install many single cells in series and in parallel and it can fully discharge.

6. Good thermal stability: - 20°C to 60°C

7. Back fast charge, good consistence, no memory effect, can equip battery charger.Can be recharged anytime, no reduction of the capacity

8.Widely application, customize solutions, mass production, OEM/ODM/buyer label provided. 

3. Product performance

3.1 The battery pack has good safety performance, product safety and reliability, and good stability;

3.2 The battery pack has waterproof, dustproof, anti-drop, anti-corrosion, radiation protection, anti-electromagnetic interference;

3.3 The battery pack has multiple protection functions such as over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, over-temperature protection, over-current protection, and short-circuit protection. The BMS system can be built-in according to the needs of customers.

3.4 The battery pack has a small size, light weight, small self-discharge, long cycle life, high conversion efficiency, deep charge and discharge, long-term use and easy to carry.


4. Application area

It can be widely used in radio communications, drones, individual carry, armored vehicles, portable computers, radar fronts, military airborne, military carrier, and other military equipment.


5. Use precautions

5.1 It is forbidden to immerse the battery in seawater or water. When not in use, it should be placed in a cool and dry environment.

5.2 Exposure to sunlight, exposure to rain and snow is forbidden;

5.3 It is forbidden to use and leave the battery next to the hot and high temperature source, such as fire and heater;

5.4 Use a special charger for this type of battery pack when charging.

5.5 It is forbidden to use the battery to reverse the positive and negative electrodes;

5.6 Discard the battery to the fire or heater;

5.7 It is forbidden to use metal to directly connect the positive and negative electrodes of the battery to short circuit. It is forbidden to transport or store the battery together with metals such as hairpins and necklaces.

5.8 Disassembly is prohibited. Unauthorized removal of the battery pack may result in danger.


6. Application area

It can be widely used in radio communications, unmanned aerial vehicles, individual soldiers, armored vehicles, portable computers, radar arrays, military aircrafts, military carriers, and other military equipment.


Li-ion batteries provide lightweight, high energy density power sources for a variety of devices. To power larger devices, such as electric cars, connecting many small batteries in a parallel circuit is more effective and more efficient than connecting a single large battery.

Li-ion batteries are used in telecommunications applications. Secondary non-aqueous lithium batteries provide reliable backup power to load equipment located in a network environment of a typical telecommunications service provider. Li-ion batteries compliant with specific technical criteria are recommended for deployment in the Outside Plant (OSP) at locations such as Controlled Environmental Vaults (CEVs), Electronic Equipment Enclosures (EEEs), and huts, and in uncontrolled structures such as cabinets. In such applications, li-ion battery users require detailed, battery-specific hazardous material information, plus appropriate fire-fighting procedures, to meet regulatory requirements and to protect employees and surrounding equipment.



♣ Wide Range Temperature Adaptability

♣ Long Life Cycles - 1C more than 10000 times

♣ High Power Output

♣ Environment Friendly 




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